Our Team

Russ Dise


Whether in an ice hockey rink, the jungles of South America or negotiating deals with presidents and princes, Russell Dise is the consummate competitor.

As president and founder of JetLease, the world's largest private aviation leasing company, Dise reflected on a career that has spanned three decades of achievements in JetLease's headquarters at 1515 Perimeter Rd. at Palm Beach International Airport.

But a chance meeting led to Dise working as a co-pilot for an Ohio cheese company making round trips to Denver. That led to an opportunity to broker an airplane sale. And that was the early beginning of JetLease, which has grown over those 33 years to broker over 1,000 transactions for major corporations, the rich and famous, with satellite operations in Chicago, Cleveland, and Germany.

Today, Dise and his team serve all segments of the aviation industry, including leasing, sales, financing, and management.

One of their newest endeavors is military arms sales. ITAR-certified, (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), they are involved in the forthcoming sale of Sikorsky Black Hawk helicopters, Chinooks and Hughes 500's ("Little Birds").

Call it a "power play" or a "hat trick" or whatever hockey term fits, Dise is the self-described "honey badger" always in search in the next big opportunity. "Every day is an experience," said Dise. Judging by the energy he throws off during a tour of his Palm Beach headquarters, it seems he's just getting started.

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Mike O'Leary

Vice President Partner Program

Mike has been a successful Partner with several Fortune 500 Business Partner Programs. AT&T, Comcast, and Qwest/Century Link were some of these programs to name a few. These large corporations understand that it is the local business professional that has the trusted relationship with the customer. Working with its Partners, giving them a suite of products and services to sell, has resulted in billions of dollars in sales for these corporations. Partner Sales Channels frequently outperform inside sales channels.

Mike is excited to pioneer the first Partner Program in the aviation finance space, in the world. Now Broker/Dealers, Pilots, Aircraft Management and all Aviation Professionals can have their own In-House Full-Service Finance Department. Aviation Financing is crucial to customers for loans and leases.

Mike is a business owner and entrepreneur. He has been a sales professional for more than 30 years. He has successfully sold in the following industries:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Stocks and Bonds as a Broker
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Residential Cable and Telecommunications
  • Business Telecommunications
  • Solar
  • Aviation

Jennifer L. Dise

Investment Banker

Jennifer L. Dise is with the JetLease team as an Investment Banker, specializing in Aviation Financing and Leasing while also providing an array of services that include aircraft Acquisitions, Divestiture, and Insurance.

Jennifer comes from an aviation oriented family, which provided her with substantial exposure to this close nit community growing up. In early 1999 Jennifer became a member of JetLease's outstanding sales team and was subsequently appointed to Investment Banker shortly thereafter. Her personal concern for her clients and the company's high level of integrity continues to ensure the success of JetLease in years to come. Jennifer's positive attitude and outgoing personality bring an added dimension to the sales, leasing, and finance team.